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About the Domain Authority Checker Tool

SEO specialists and webmasters need to keep themselves updated about their progress. And domain authority is a signal to understand the growth of your domain. So, you need to check your domain authority time-to-time. Besides you also need to check your competitor’s domain authority so that you can understand the competition.

In order to help website owners a reliable result, SEO Tools Book has designed this domain authority checker. This tool is very quick and easy to use. In one go you can check up to 20 domains. It shows you the result from MOZ which is the only brain behind this domain authority score.

What is Domain Authority?

Today SEO specialists use a very reliable ranking alternative, particularly for domains. And mostly, SEO professionals trust the MOZ domain positioning. To make it easy, it is a way of making a guess how popular your website is among all websites worldwide. MOZ is an SEO tool that has developed this specialized domain ranking system. And we can get the result with a domain authority checker like this tool.

The domain authority measures-as its name suggests - the authority of the domain. In order to be precise, this is a generic ranking that includes all the pages under one domain name. But don’t confuse this with the page authority; It is totally different. To determine the level of the website’s influence, the MOZ and other system measures from 0 to 100. As it appears, the higher the number the higher the ranking and the influence of the domain in the internet content.

Why Domain Authority Is Important?

Domain authority is of great importance. It helps you understand the level of your sites and content’s influence on the internet world. Domain authority is like Google’s rank algorithm that decides which page to rank on top and which not. Similarly, the domain authority also tells you which domain is ahead and which is not. Only by this, we can understand which website has a better overall ranking. Moreover, the DA actually takes all the pages and their ranks into accounts along with its visibility on the internet. So, we can say that it is a complete search landscape of the domain.

How Does Domain Authority Checker Works?

It has a certain way of obtaining the result and it uses the MOZ domain ranking. While attempting to test your domain authority it checks the following:

  • It checks the domain age which you can see with our domain age checker.
  • Number of pages to understand the heaviness of the website.
  • Checks domain visibility on the internet.
  • Counts backlinks to understand how many websites prefer to refer this site.
  • Obtain ranked keyword and visitors.
  • After obtaining all this information, the tool finally compiles all the information and get a score through MOZ.

Unique Features of this Domain Authority Checker?

  • Very easy to use tool with single click action for SEO experts.
  • It is quick and generates your result in a flip of your eye.
  • Accurate and adject result from MOZ
  • Free for everyone and will remain free all the time in future.
  • It can generate domain authority score for up to 20 domains in a single action.
  • Using advanced security features that is highly encrypted.
  • Continuously updating the system for faster and better result.

In short, our domain authority checker tool is easy, fast, secure and accurate. Find your domain authority result now and start expanding your website. Feel free to use SEO Tools Book other SEO tools for free.