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Shorten your URLs with SEO Tools Book URL Rewriting tool easily without any cost. Just provide your URL below and get the static URL.

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About Our URL Rewriting Tool

URL rewriting tool helps you shorten your long page URLs. Moreover, it converts your dynamic URLs to static URLs. Our URL rewriter is the best tool on the internet because of some factors. We have developed this tool for webmasters and SEO experts. Besides, this tool is a good addition to our whole range of SEO tools that help website owners to turn long URLs into a short version very quickly. 

On the other hand, this tool is free for all like all the other tools on our platform. Furthermore, it is an advanced tool for webmasters but made for ease of use. Talking about SEO, websites need to be SEO ready and a short URL is a very important thing to consider for better SEO. You should also remember that short URLs are better for XML sitemap generator since it helps search engines bots to read the files more quickly.  

Besides all these, you always need to think about your visitors. It means you must make your URLs easy so that your users can remember them. Thanks to the URL rewriting tool, it helps you do everything that matters with URL. 

How to USE URL Rewriting Tool?

Unlike all the other SEO tools, this tool requires an account on our platform for some obvious reasons. In particular, since you will be converting a lot of URLs, the same URL will return an error. So, we need to keep track of your URLs so that you don’t end up getting the same URL for several pages. Now you know what you need, follow the instructions below. 


  • First, you have to enter your URL and click on “Submit”. This will take you to another page for account creation. If you already have an account with us, and you are signed in, you will directly get the result. 

  • If you don’t have an account, enter your email address and type a password. After that, verify the image write down the code in it and “Sign in”. 

  • Your result will be ready in a few seconds. Now you can use the URL in your website.


Static Vs Dynamic URL 

Dynamic URL is a URL that is created by your content management system. While static URL is generated manually. 
Dynamic URLs are very long and include words, symbols and numbers. On the other hand. Static URLs are words and they are like the title of your post or page. Moreover, static URLs are easy to remember but dynamic ones are very hard to remember. 

Why Should You Shorten Your URLs Using URL Rewriting Tool?

Today, short URLs are very important for good SEO. In particular, it provides you better ranking on search engines. If your URLs are not human-friendly, search engines will ignore that URL. Therefore, make sure to keep your URLs short, meaning turn them into static URLs. You Must use Static URLs because;

  • They are people-friendly 

  • Static URLs are good for SEO and helps in better ranking 

  • It is also easier to bookmark.

  • Finally, static URLs are indexed quickly by search engines. 

But is it easy to turn many dynamic URLs into static URLs? No, it takes time and human labour. That is why a URL rewriting tool like ours comes in handy. For website owners, URL rewriting is just a matter of a few clicks with our tool. And you need to have an account with us so that your URLs are perfect and unique for every single page.