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SEO Tools Book plagiarism checker is the place where you can obtain plagiarism scores for anything you have written for free and in a minute. It helps you save your reputation or your website and protect you from any penalty.

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What Is a Plagiarism Checker All About?

Plagiarism Checker is a tool developed to find similarities between your written work and the existing digital and academic contents from around the world. With a plagiarism checker like ours, you will be able to detect if there is any plagiarized content within your work.

Students, academics, journalists, bloggers, and many other professionals create millions of contents every moment around the world. And search engines and organizations make every piece of content unique. But this is a very tough job for all writers. So, plagiarism checkers ease those difficulties for content creators. At large it protects you from copyright and infringement laws.

How Plagiarism Affects SEO?

One of the most important roles of plagiarism checkers is its SEO benefits. Google and other search engines have zero tolerance rate for plagiarism. Its complex and advanced algorithm can detect plagiarized content easily. And it is one of the reasons your contents don’t rank well. In fact, if it detects any plagiarism, it penalizes the page or even the entire website. For ad publishers, plagiarism can even cause a ban on the ad account. Do we hope this is not something you would want?

Features of Our Plagiarism Checker


Scan Similarities of Your Texts

SEO Tools Book’s plagiarism checker is precise and fast. You can see if your text exists on the web or not very quickly for free. Test it now how it works right here, without even registering yourself. On the other hand, if you find any similarities, you can use our article rewriter tool to rewrite the particular portion. You don’t have to go anywhere else.

Highly Secured and reliable Results

Unlike other plagiarism detectors, we never keep your text in our system. Yet we make sure the result is accurate every time you run the tests. Therefore, this system is highly secured and reliable for you.

Free for Everyone All the Time

While others impose a certain amount of fee for deep analysis, we are keeping it free for everyone. Therefore, you can use it all the time for any type of plagiarism check without having to pay any penny. Unlike other plagiarism checker tools, we never advertise or push anyone to buy any plan.

Cutting-edge Technology

At the heart of our tool, we are using cutting-edge technology to help every content creator. The advanced algorithm makes sure you get an accurate report of your text’s plagiarism analysis. Besides, we keep updating the system with the advancement of technology, so that your content is safe and free of plagiarism.

Check in Any Language

Our platform is versatile and beyond any language barrier. Though our site is in English, our tool can check all the languages. So, you don’t have to worry or switch between languages.

Unlimited Text Run

Most tools come with limited text run but SEO Tools Book is supporting you with unlimited text run. You can check plagiarism for 1000 words per session as many times as you need.

Plagiarism Checker with Largest Database

Our plagiarism checker tool uses a large database of academic and digital contents to find similarities. Every single text you run; we try to match with billions of contents to find any similarities sentence by sentence. So, your content is in a secured and able hand. Check your text’s plagiarism and avoid penalty!