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About Our Website Links Count Checker

SEO Tools Book website links count checker tool is a free SEO tool. And it helps you find out the number of links on a particular page. Moreover, our tool shows you both internal and external links on your page. Sometimes, it is not easy to count links on your page and you need to spend some time behind that. Doesn’t it feel really irritating? Yes, it does, because you have counted all the links manually. What if you had a tool to do the counting. Wouldn't it be really cool? 

Keeping that pain point in mind, our developers have created this tool. So, you can check how many links you have on a particular web page or on your website now. Though the links count checker tool works slightly differently from our backlink checker, yet they are a little similar. As the name suggests, the backlink checker finds out how many backlinks does your webpage or website has. On the other hand, the links count checker tells you about all the links on the pages including internal and external links. Furthermore, the link counter tool is an advanced addition to our SEO tools. And we have been continuously upgrading with new parameters.

How to Use Website Links Count Checker?

As we have already said that this link count checker is a very easy SEO tool. It has a very simple interface with advanced capabilities. Since we developed this tool for everyone, we had to create a simple yet intuitive interface. It is not just for SEO professionals; this tool is for website owners too. And if you are a non-technical person, you can make your query easily.

  • Like many other tools, you just need to copy the URL of your website or webpage.
  • Paste the URL to the toolbar.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button. You will get the result immediately.

What Results Do You Get from this Tool?

SEO Tools Book website links count checker is a very useful tool for SEO specialists. In particular, this tool is helpful for both on-page and off-page SEO. Moreover, the result it provides has multiple link types. And you should also know that links are very important in the search engine optimization process. Because of that our tool provides the following,

  • Total number of links on the page and website
  • You can see the total number of internal links.
  • Besides, you also get external links on your page and website.

Why Is It Important to Use a Links Count Checker?

Links are vital to your SEO operation. Besides, knowing how many links you have is another important aspect of SEO. So, if you know what links you have. Remember, good links are good for your site and bad links are harmful. So, if you can know about all the internal and external links on the webpage or the website, you can take early measures to prevent any harm to your website. And here comes our website links count checker. With this tool, you know all the links in one click. It will save your time and your website’s reputation.