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SEO Tools Book My IP Address Tool 

My IP Address is a tool that detects your computer’s unique identification number on a network. When running the tool, it automatically obtains the unique number and shows you other details. Our tool is the finest and fastest IP detection tool that also shows you some other details like the location, country, ISP provider, latitude, and longitude.

If you have run the tool, you must have got your IP details by now along with a map of your location. Most of the tools do not show that many details as ours. Therefore, our My IP Address tool is the best.  

What is an IP Address?

The IP is an identification number of your computer on a network. When it comes to the internet, the IP address is something that makes your connection unique from other users. Thanks to your IP, the servers and other online services know where they have to send you the information you request.

Types of IP Addresses 

We can say that there are two types of IP addresses: public and private. Each of them has a function. We can know both and that information may be useful on certain occasions to configure devices or check possible errors that may be in our connection.

Public IP Address 

The most common IP that we have is the public IP address. We can say that it is an identifier with which our network is shown to the outside. It is the address of the router facing the outside servers to which we connect. Moreover, this IP address is the one that can be known from outside when we surf the internet. Furthermore, this is the IP that our My IP address tool detects in the first place.  

Private IP Address 

It is the identification number of a computer or other device called the private IP address. In this case, we have an identifier for each device. More precisely, it is a kind of "license plate" with which each device identifies itself with the router. Each of the computers that we have connected to the network will have a different private address. To inform you, domain into IP is not an Ip type it is a tool to detect domain with IP. 

Why Do You Need to Know Your IP Address? 

It is important to know your IP on many certain occasions. And that is why tools like My IP address come to help. For example, if you conduct some services or configure your router, you will definitely need an IP.

To give another example, we need the IP to set up a home security system. If we want to access the cameras remotely, we will need to configure them correctly and for this, we have to have the information.

Similarly, we also need an IP to access the remote desktop. Hope you are familiar with this situation since remote work became more popular. Therefore, IP address has a lot of works in the internet world today.